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2013-03-02 16:08:25 by DJ-Dax

Stories From Silvera - Our Tibian Spoof is Underway of being Published, Episodes 1-3 are Posted and Episode 4 is in the Making. Thanks to All for the Support!


2012-08-26 23:50:06 by DJ-Dax

Hi Guys and Gals, We've just uploaded our FIRST flash video. Its based off of a quest from Diablo 3 where a man wanted to kill his 'zombie' wife. So enjoy the spoof :>

New New New...

2008-07-28 10:29:16 by DJ-Dax

Well, I've Made a Few New Songs, Had a Lot of Problems in My Relationship So They're Kinda Sad in My Eyes, I Just Hope You Guys Like Them. Thanks for All the Support Everyone.


2008-02-18 18:00:34 by DJ-Dax

I am really sucking at making some music lately... But I Posted a New One: "To The Stars" It's Not Much... But Its Further Than I've Been Getting Lately... More To Come Soon I Hope.

New Songs with High Ranks!

2008-01-13 02:12:49 by DJ-Dax

So, as many of you know, I began exploring the "Classical Rock" genre of music, and Honestly It is Going out with a Bang, My First Two songs have been on the Top 10 Since I made them (Woohoo!) Now if i can Just top those 0 Bombers from blaming the hell out of my songs it'll actually stay there... But anyway, i'll be working on a few new songs within a few weeks and i Hope Everyone can Enjoy them xD

Gone, Here, Everywhere...

2007-12-28 02:22:47 by DJ-Dax

Well, I've Been Really Slacking off In College, so I Haven't Been Making Much Progress on Music... But Hopefully After this Quarter Ends (January 11) I'll Be Able to Make Some More Music... No Promises Though, Hope You All Have/Had A Wonderful Christmas/New Years Or Whatever Holidays You Celebrate (If Any)

Best Wishes

Kyhn Makes a Song!

2007-12-07 22:33:22 by DJ-Dax

My Girlfriend Made a Loop a Few Weeks Back, and So I Decided to Post it, Tell Her What You Guys (and Gals) Think About it =P

First Loop!

2007-10-30 17:19:19 by DJ-Dax

Well I've Finally Made a First Loop, So Check It Out =P Don't Be Too Cruel Though ^.^